Since 1992, Hinode have serving traditional Japanese cuisine at Bethesda(Closed on July 2014)and Rockville location as one of the best well known sushi restaurant. All you can eat Lunch and Weekend Dinner buffet has best reputation with 50 kinds of sushi, 14 kinds of hot food, and fresh salad bar. Rockville restaurant located at lower level of Congressional Plaza on Rockville Pike.

The ancient Japanese knew about China and Korea, but they didn't know of any land of their islands. They believe theirs was the first land awakened by the rising sun. The Japanese call their land Nippon, meaning "land of the Rising Sun".

The chopsticks objective is to pick up food as one. One chopstick is the community and the other is HINODE. Alone they cannot function but together we can both grow and flourish. Sushi is not the only thing we serve. We serve kindness, elegant atmosphere, culture, freshness and coziness.

Sushi is low in fat and is very nutrious food. A typical setting of 7 to 9 pieces contains about 300-450 calories. The fish in sushi provides protein and and can be a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. Vegetables are a great source of vitamines. Dried Seaweed is rich in iodine. And rice provides complex carbohydrates.